JMP champion new retort pouch labelling solution

JMP champion new retort pouch labelling solution

‘Piroto Labelling are a very responsive company and deliver a quality product in often shorter than normal lead times in order to meet the demands of our customers.  They offer an extremely professional service and we look forward to building more business together’

The Customer

Our customer, JM Packaging (JMP), is a leader in the supply of printed flexible packaging. They work closely with many household name food brands and UK retailers including Tesco, M&S and Waitrose.

JMP pride themselves on quality, innovation and fast customer response and, as such, are constantly looking for better solutions to offer their customers. JMP & Piroto are working in partnership to meet a speedy retort packaging solution to solve an issue in windows of a few days rather than several weeks using specialist retort labels applied to clear or generic printed retort grade pouches.

The Customer’s Challenge

JMP identified that there was a need to offer a cost effective packaging solution for customers with short lead times to meet the FMCG market. The challenges they faced included:

  • lead times to produce and print retort pouches
  • high minimum order quantities which did not suit the trend for multiple flavour variants
  • gravure printing methods which had a relatively high origination cost.

All in all, JMP needed to provide a solution to their customers that would shorten lead times and reduce costs, without compromising on quality.

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What we delivered

Having spent time with the team at JMP to understand their requirements, we recognised that the solution would be to apply labels to the pouches before they were filled. The challenge was to find a material and inks that would withstand the extreme cooking temperatures used in the process.

After a series of trials we successfully developed an adhesive label that could be applied to a generic retort pouch when it was flat, retained its quality at high temperature and remained shelf-ready at the end of the process.

The impact on the customer’s business

Through working with Piroto, JMP has been able to:

  • benefit customers with fast responses and lead times
  • allow customers to produce multiple flavour and product variations at a reasonable cost
  • provide a cost effective solution for customers trialling new products or undertaking short run pack-front promotions
  • reduce overall costs as origination is a fraction of the cost compared with traditional print methods.