Helping our customers win business with high spec promotional labels

Helping our customers win business with high spec promotional labels

‘We are always happy to support our customers and do whatever it takes to help them win business. Whether we work directly with the end user or in close partnership, our customers can expect to receive the same high service levels.’

The Customer

Our customer, Hive IP, provide end to end coding solutions for on-pack promotions and brand protection. They work with big-name FMCG clients and provide literally billions of codes each year to ensure the integrity of pack promotions.

The Customer’s Challenge

Hive contacted us to see if we could help with an urgent supply of adhesive labels for their client, Inspired Pet Nutrition, a major pet food retailer. They needed a large quantity of labels in a short lead time for a Wagg dog food promotion; guaranteed delivery was critical to meet the promotion launch date.

The promotional labels needed to be applied to packs of dog food using an automatic applicator. A key consideration therefore was to ensure the finished rolls of labels fit the applicator correctly so that the job ran smoothly without any costly delays or down time.

Our Approach

Having built up a close relationship with Hive, we all agreed that the best approach would be for the Piroto team to discuss the exact requirements directly with the end user, Inspired Pet Nutrition.

The specification was extremely precise and each roll needed to be produced with a consistent number of labels plus, exact roll dimension and weight needed to be maintained throughout the batch.

By talking directly to the end user we were able to get a full understanding of the process and the equipment being used and could therefore guarantee the finished labels would work efficiently.

To ensure the best possible results we also offered to test two different label materials in the applicator.

What we delivered

Once the label material was agreed, we worked with the customer to produce an accurate proof for sign off. Since consistency of print across the full supply of labels was imperative, we used our print inspection camera system to ensure 100% accuracy. The result was that each label was printed exactly the same with the guarantee of no missing labels on a roll.

We produced the full quantity of labels on the date promised, offering to store the bulk supply and deliver in small scheduled deliveries to alleviate any storage issues.

The labels were applied to the promotional packs of dog food smoothly and the promotion launch deadline was met.

The impact on the customer’s business

Having built a relationship on trust, Hive felt confident about allowing our team to talk directly to their client. This meant that we could meet the precise specification and manufacture the perfect label for the job. Hive benefited from:

  • satisfying their client’s need for a specially designed adhesive label to meet their exact specification
  • helping to secure an order and developing a strong relationship with their client by meeting their timescales and specification
  • fulfilling their promise to provide a one-stop service to their client
  • strengthening their relationship with Piroto and demonstrating the advantages of working in close collaboration to secure business jointly.