Golden goal scratch cards help clubs raise funds

Golden goal scratch cards help clubs raise funds

‘Raffle style fund raisers are ever popular with sports and community clubs but can lose their shine, especially with regular supporters. Developing personalised lottery style golden goal scratch cards puts the sparkle back into your club’s fundraising.’’

The Customer

Like most football clubs, our customer is involved in many fund-raising activities to support charities and good causes in their local community.

As well as supporting local charities with their fund-raising events, the club also seeks to raise funds through its own match day activities.

The Customer’s Challenge

Traditionally many clubs run raffles and prize draws on match days to raise charitable funds. Whilst these activities can prove successful, our customer was looking for a way to really engage with supporters to get the best possible response from match day fund raising.

They needed a solution that fans would enjoy supporting throughout the season and would bring in a sustainable flow of funds for the club. The scheme needed to be easy to administer for the club, and easy for supporters to engage with.

Our Approach

Having worked with many promotional companies we were soon able to come up with a game format that we felt would involve supporters; we called it the golden goal scratch card.

The idea behind the game was that supporters would buy a scratch card and scratch off the panel to reveal six goal timings. The scratch card bearing the time of the first goal, would win the top prize! In order to maintain interest in the scratch card game throughout the match, subsequent goals attract smaller prizes. If no goal is scored during the match, the scratch card bearing the code ’NOGOL’ would be the winner.

What we delivered

We designed and printed match day scratch cards in batches that were overprinted with the fixture details, plus were sequentially numbered, for security purposes.

Having discussed the scratch card sales potential and calculated the win rate required by the club, we set up a database containing 5,364 possible goal scoring times giving six unique goal times per card for each fixture. Using this variable data set, six goal times were randomly printed on a silver panel on the scratch card before the scratch off panel was printed on top.

Detailed terms and conditions were printed on the reverse of each card plus details of how to claim. Cards where batched and boxed in fixture order making it easy for our customer to manage each set of scratch cards on match day.

The impact on the customer’s business

By working in collaboration with our customers we were able to develop a sophisticated and fun fund-raising device in the form of a scratch card that really boosted their fund-raising efforts. Specific benefits include:

  • an opportunity to raise around an extra £15,000 for good causes per annum
  • an innovative way to engage supporters throughout the match
  • easy administration with minimal effort needed by the club
  • minimal costs involved leaving more money to pass on to the causes
  • scratch cards bundled and packed in fixture order to make life easy.