Customised horticulture loop-lock tags enhance bio-security

Customised horticulture loop-lock tags and printer enhance bio-security

Piroto’s expertise in traceability systems extends to many sectors, including horticulture. Installing a standalone printer alongside customised loop-lock tags ensures that a robust traceability process is in place to maximise bio-security.


Our customer, Todds Nursery, is a specialist horticultural nursery, supplying mature trees, ‘instant’ hedges and shrubs. Based on a 72 acre site in Bedfordshire, they supply high profile private customers and prestigious location projects such as the Olympic Park.

Todds pride themselves on providing personal service and quality plants; guaranteeing every tree, shrub and hedge that they plant and maintain.


Bio-security is a key consideration for our customer. They source from trusted suppliers; each plant backed by a full traceability trail in the form of a ‘traceability passport’. It is vitally important that Todds can identify each individual plant they source and sell to maintain a full traceability record.

When Todds approached Piroto they were using standard white horticulture or garden centre tags to identify their plants. They felt that the tags did not represent their high quality brand, nor provide sufficient traceability information. They knew that there was room for improvement, and turned to Piroto, as a specialist label and tag provider, for advice and guidance.


The Piroto team has many years of experience in traceability systems and branded tags, and were happy to assist Todds solve their labelling issues.

Through several conversations with Todds, we were able to identify a package of solutions that would strengthen their traceability, enhance their brand image and assist their operational processes


We customised three loop-lock tags for Todds; each made from highly durable polypropylene material to withstand wet, hot, cold and sunny outdoor conditions.

The first self-tie tag was designed to perfectly match the Todds Nursey logo. We opted to print the tags in blue with a white-out logo for real stand-out value. Todds contact details were printed on the reverse of the tags to further strengthen their marketing. The tags were designed with two shoulders to ensure that they fitted easily around each plant, regardless of its size.

The second horticulture tag was designed to be overprinted with the plant’s traceability information. We also supplied and installed a stand-alone printer in the Nursery to simplify the process of producing traceability tags. On-site set up, resin printer ribbons and training, were included as part of the total solution.

Finally, we produced a ‘Sold’ tag in white with bold red text to clearly identify those plants that were ready for delivery. This simple loop-lock tag enhanced Todd’s processes and eliminated human error.


With our expertise in traceability and willingness to help solve the customer’s problem, the Piroto team successfully guided our customer through the process. Specific benefits to the customer include:

  • branded horticulture tags that supported their high quality brand and increase brand visibility, maintaining Todds’ high profile with landscapers and the end customer
  • a standalone printer and tag solution that enhanced the customer’s traceability system; giving end customers the confidence and trust in their purchase
  • tag printer set up and training to ensure that Todds were confident to manage their new traceability system
  • high quality resin printer ribbons to ensure that the over-printed tags remain legible and robust in harsh weather conditions
  • advice and guidance from Piroto throughout the process to ensure that the customised self-tie tags met Todds’ needs.