Bulk order variable barcode labels helps trade customer grow

Bulk order variable barcode labels helps trade customer grow

‘Outsourcing to any supplier means building a trust relationship. It’s essential that deadlines are met and service levels maintained to ensure the end customer is satisfied; our business depends on it. ’

The Customer

Our customer is a fellow label manufacturer but with a different set of production capabilities to Piroto. They pride themselves on being a one-stop-shop for their customers and therefore rely on outsourcing specialist label and tag production when necessary.

Partnering with a like minded organisation that they can build a trust relationship with is therefore high on their agenda.

The Customer’s Challenge

Our customer had a major order to fill for a high profile customer needing variable data labels to track and trace goods through their complex distribution system.

Their current supplier, who operated only one variable data label print press, was experiencing mechanical difficulties and could not guarantee that lead times, demanded by the end customer for barcode labels, could be met.

In the face of this dilemma our customer turned to their trusted network for recommendations for a variable data label manufacturer who might be able to help them out. Piroto was recommended and our customer got in contact.

Our Approach

Time was clearly of the essence for this order and, since Piroto run two high speed presses capable of producing variable barcode labels, we were able to guarantee to meet the deadlines required.

Quality and accuracy, as well as speed, were clearly important so Piroto provided sample materials to our customer for the end customer to trial in their UK operation. The trial was speedily undertaken and positive feedback received; most importantly the barcodes scanned well .

What we delivered

The production team manufactured the variable data labels and shipped them directly to the end customer in record time. Since there had been an opportunity to test various label materials, a cost saving was also achieved.

The barcode labels scanned accurately and actually performed better than those from the previous supplier!

Our new trade customer is delighted with the outcome and the end customer is planning to extend the use of their new barcode labels across their entire European operation.

The impact on the customer’s business

By relying on Piroto to deliver high quality variable data labels in a short timescale our customer was able to satisfy their end customer’s requirements. They specifically benefited from:

  • Maintaining a positive relationship with their customer by fulfilling their order for barcode labels in full and on time
  • Growing their business through delivering cost and quality improvements to their end customer
  • Developing a mutually beneficial trade relationship with Piroto which will doubtless open up more opportunities to develop new label business.