Branded hotel luggage tags improve customer experience

Branded hotel luggage tags improve customer experience

‘By using cross-industry knowledge and expertise in tag design, improvements can be made even to the humble luggage tag. Using a hybrid tag and adhesive label we created the perfect luggage storage tag system suitable for any hotel chain’


Hotel luggage tag


Our customer operates a luxury collection of over 30 hotels, representing popular holiday locations across England, Wales, and Scotland.

The chain has recently undertaken a full re-brand in order to enhance their reputation and ensure customers experience exemplary service throughout their visit.


Our customer is committed to providing a consistent customer experience across all their locations. Their aim is to promote a quality image and brand across the entire portfolio of hotels, and ensure their processes run efficiently.

No detail is left to chance, from Covid-safe check-in through to guest luggage storage, every customer facing process must run smoothly.

With this in mind, our customer wanted to improve the process by which they tag and store customer luggage. They recognised that even this tiny detail had a bearing on customer satisfaction.


Piroto has expertise in developing traceability tags for many different sectors. We identified that the hotel luggage tag would need to be versatile enough to fit around a wide variety of suitcase and bag handles. The tag may even need to be attached to luggage items with no handle at all.

The tag would also need to incorporate a tear off portion to be retained by the guest and used to identify their luggage quickly and easily when they come to collect it.

These factors ruled out the use of a standard luggage tag or loop-lock tag. Furthermore, a standard hotel tag, often referred to in the hotel industry as a ‘tear and share’ tag, would not be sufficient either. This led us to develop a hybrid adhesive label and tag, sometimes known as a self-adhesive tag.


The perfect design starting point was our popular self-adhesive delivery tags which are widely used by our manufacturing and logistics customers.

The self-adhesive tag that we developed looks like a long and narrow adhesive label. It does, however, have some clever features.

First, the tag has perforations through the label face and the backing paper at one end. This allows a section of the tag to be torn off by the hotel porter to act as a ticket for the hotel guest to keep and hand back in to collect their luggage.

Second, we added a slit, through the backing paper only, on the longer part of the tag. This allows a small section of backing paper to be removed. The sticky portion thus revealed attaches the two ends to form a loop; in much the same way as an airline hold baggage tag works.

For identification and traceability purposes, both parts of the tag are printed with the company brand and sequentially numbered to ensure the tag and ticket portion can be easily matched. There is also an area to hand write the customer’s name and hotel room to enhance traceability; especially if the ticket portion is lost.


With their expertise in traceability the Piroto team was able to develop an effective luggage tag that met all our customer’s requirements. Specific benefits include:

  • Luggage tags that improve speed and efficiency of each hotel’s luggage storage system
  • Cleverly designed tags that work with any type of bag, case or package that needs to be labelled
  • Beautifully branded luggage tags that convey the brand identity of the entire collection of hotels
  • Tags presented on a roll for easy storage and usage.

To discuss how we could customise your luggage label, please get in touch.