Baggage handler achieves great brand presence

Baggage handler achieves great brand presence

‘It’s not just about the quality of the labels and tags we supply; we make sure they are easy to use too. Looking at the whole operation, rather than simply the small part that a label may play, helps us to innovate and provide the best possible solution for our clients’

The Customer

Our customer specialises in getting baggage safely, securely and economically from A to B. They offer a wide range of services including international removals, baggage shipping and storage facilities. They also operate out of many UK airports and train stations offering a baggage wrap and forwarding service; designed to keep customers’ baggage protected in transit.

Clearly, successful tracking and identification of the millions of items they handle is fundamentally important to the success of their business. Beyond efficiency though, consistent and strong brand identity is also a vitally important aspect of our client’s success.

The Customer’s Challenge

Our customer recently reviewed their operations at airports and train stations and found a number of issues at their baggage wrap posts.

They recognised that baggage identification labels stored loose at the bag wrapping station made it look untidy, and sheets of labels were constantly getting lost or mislaid. Since they operate in a highly competitive market, alongside global organisations with strong brand presence, it is important that every aspect of the image they present to the public is highly professional.

Our Approach

Having visited a number of baggage wrap sites in airports and train stations and spoken, at length, to our customer, we drew up a list of considerations for our technical team back at Piroto Head Office to research. We needed to come up with a label that was easy to handle, neat to store, supported the customer brand identity and helped record the number of bags being processed through the system.

Our technical team came up with alternative solutions that could then be tested on-site.

What we delivered

Since one of the key issues for the customer was keeping the work place tidy, we suggested moving from sheet labels to a roll. The roll of labels could be neatly and simply secured to the baggage wrap station giving a much improved appearance and ensuring that the labels were always on-hand when they were needed.

To further enhance the brand identity, we changed the label material from uncoated vellum to a new coated material. This transformed the label from an uninspiring, dull, purely functional marker to an eye-catching label with a crisp and glossy finish that displayed the company logo immaculately.

Initially two labels using slightly different machine coated materials were developed by the technical team and these were tested by the customer for ease of use, including storage, print quality and ‘match’ to the corporate identity. Once the customer was completely satisfied with the new material it was rolled out across the whole network of baggage wrap stations.

The impact on the customer’s business

Through working in partnership with Piroto the customer has solved the issues they had identified.  In summary, the customer has benefited from:

  • an improved label storage system which means a tidy work area and better presentation to the consumer, thus supporting  their all-important brand identity
  • increased efficiency at busy baggage stations through the introduction of an improved label dispensing system, giving consumers a better customer experience
  • a new label material which supports corporate identity and gives a positive brand image; not only at each baggage wrap station but throughout the airports and stations through which our client’s wrapped baggage transits.