Award winning designs make beautiful bottle labels for brewery

Award winning designs make beautiful bottle labels for brewery

‘Choosing Piroto Labelling as our partner in a major rebranding exercise has been a great decision. They have been extraordinarily creative and attentive in ensuring our new look got the treatment it deserved. More than just a printer’.

The Customer

Our customer, Loch Lomond Brewery, started life in a kitchen in Luss on the beautiful shores of Loch Lomond in Scotland. From these humble beginnings they now brew an impressive range of award winning beers exported across the globe in casks, kegs, bottles and cans.​

Their obvious passion for the business shines through in their desire not only to create iconic beers, but to package and present them with a style that mirrors the beauty of the location from which they are born.

The Customer’s Challenge

As part of an ambitious expansion plan, Loch Lomond Brewery engaged the renowned drinks brand design team at Thirst Craft to undertake a major rebrand, including redesigning multiple product labels.

Since their existing label supplier specialised in small run, digitally printed labels, Loch Lomond Brewery felt that there may be difficulties scaling up to meet label production sufficient to meet the expansion plans. When the rebrand was complete, Loch Lomond sought a specialist labelling manufacturer to work closely with them and Thirst Craft to ensure that the new brand was faithfully reproduced on bottle labels.

Our Approach

Piroto approached Loch Lomond Brewery and agreed to work alongside them to find the best possible solution.

Having understood the customer’s need for multiple variations of high quality bottle labels, Piroto ran a series of trials to test different materials and finishes to find out which combination produced the best label. All three parties – brewer, designer and label manufacturer – kept in constant dialogue throughout the trials until the best combination was found.

What we delivered

Excellent brand representation is an extremely important consideration for bottle labels as well as good adhesion. Following the tests, a polypropylene material with a combination of surface varnishes was agreed upon. The printed labels performed well in the bottling environment and produced the sophisticated look that Loch Lomond Brewery wanted to achieve.

In addition, cost savings were achieved by moving from a digital print to flexographic print process, which is more economical on larger quantities.

As part of the service package from Piroto a stock holding arrangement was agreed for the client to give them peace of mind; they won’t risk running out of labels, nor do they need to tie up space with storing large quantities themselves.

The impact on the customer’s business

By working in partnership with Piroto and trialling various solutions our client is confident that they have the best looking beer labels they could wish for! They specifically benefited from:

  • cost advantages and ability to upscale, by moving their bottle labelling from digital print to flexo print
  • cost advantage, peace of mind and flexibility knowing that Piroto have stock of bottle labels on standby when they need them
  • early indications show an uplift in retail orders in excess of 100% following the rebrand
  • Piroto’s commitment to go out of our way to help customers get the best possible label for the job.