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Our customer operates in the prepared foods sector; part of a global organisation specialising in private label produce and offering an impressive 5,500 different products. As one of the world’s leading fresh prepared food providers to major retailers they are constantly innovating and strive to get every aspect of their operation right, and keep it right.

With the vision of being ‘recognised and respected as the world’ leading fresh prepared food provider’, the Group demands total traceability of all goods in and out across their vast, global operation.


The customer, who was using traceability tags in both their high and low care areas on the operation, noticed that identification errors were occurring and slowing their processes down. This was largely due to the fact that the tags were handwritten and information could easily be misinterpreted by staff along the production line. Different cultural conventions in the way numbers were written amongst their multi-lingual workforce added to the confusion. This, in turn, led to lost time and wastage.

Having made this observation our client was keen to improve their efficiency and came to Piroto to discuss possible solutions.


After a site visit and discussion with the stakeholders, we were able to spot a simple solution to combat the issues; by adding tag printers into the process many of the issues caused by illegible labels could be quickly and easily eliminated. Drawing on our knowledge the food sector and our relationships with label printer manufacturers, we specified a complete tag and printer solution.


Piroto delivered a completed solution for the customer which went beyond simply producing tags.

The tag/printer solution we suggested allowed all the relevant information to be stored in a central database on a CF card. The operator could print each tag by selecting the correct information from input prompts on the printer front panel. This process was not only quicker than handwriting labels, but it all but eliminated mistakes and misreading.

In addition, because the database of information was maintained by management, and information uploaded to the CF card remotely, the system was more secure; avoiding the possibility of outside interference by non-authorised personnel.

Piroto trained the customer’s employees to operate the easy-to-use printers on site with no disruption to the current operation.

The new system was tested for three months across a discrete area of the customer’s operation before being successfully rolled out across the whole site.

The Impact on the Customer's Business

Through implementing the new tag/printer solution the feedback from both management and operatives has been 100% positive and the customer has benefited in a number of areas:

  • A reduction in the time taken to produce labels has led to an improvement in productivity overall
  • Illegible tags are a thing of the past and the operation runs far more smoothly
  • Staff have given 100% positive feedback; finding using printers as opposed to hand writing labels easier and the consequent reduction in human error has helped improve productivity still further
  • The subsidiary can boast superior traceability systems which will help strengthen relationships with important retailers and work towards the Group’s future vision.