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The Customer

Our customer, a Salmon manufacturing site in Scotland, had an issue raised by their biggest customer, a major retailer. The issue surrounded allergen labelling and our client, keen to improve their systems, came to Piroto to discuss possible solutions.

The Customer's Challenge

Correct allergen labelling can literally have life or death consequences for some consumers, so the importance attached to implementing an accurate allergen identification system is paramount. If traceability is compromised at any point through the production process this can lead to product recalls which are expensive and damaging to the brand.

Since multiple allergens are used on our customer’s site, each needs to be traced throughout the manufacturing process. In many cases products have ingredients added at various stages throughout manufacture so the labelling system also has to account for this eventuality. In short allergens need to be clearly identified from ‘Goods in’ right through to the point at which each product is fully sealed and labelled in its retail package.

Our Approach

We spent time with our client walking through their process, listening to their concerns and considerations before returning to base to discuss their unique requirements with our own technical team.

It was clear that we needed to explore suitable label printers, as well as tags and labels, in order to provide a complete solution for our customer.

What we delivered

Piroto’s solution was to recommend a stand-alone printer which held the allergen information on each product in its memory. The printer was installed at “Goods in” where multiple labels could be printed when a pallet arrived. One label, clearly stating the allergens, would be stuck to each box on the pallet with further labels printed to stick onto the internal packaging when the products are decanted from their original box.

As soon as each item has been removed from its outer packaging and added to a mix or product, then the trace information is transferred onto a tag. Each tag is colour coded according to day of the week and has all relevant allergens identified on the reverse. The tag is printed with tick boxes showing the full list of allergens so that, as other allergens are added to the mix, they are recorded on the tag. The tag is then attached to the tote bin or trolley. This system not only ensures that allergens are tracked accurately through the process, but the use of a printer reduces human error in handwriting allergen information.

The Impact on the Customer's Business

The new combination of printer, labels and tags has allowed our customer to demonstrate a robust allergen tracking system and helped them pass a follow up audit with flying colours! In particular, our customer has benefited from:

  • printing the labels and tags has saved a significant amount of time, and therefore money, compared to hand writing them
  • the clarity of labelling has prevented mix ups and ensured accuracy throughout the process
  • the ‘tick-box’ method of identifying allergens gives a simple way of recording allergens that are added throughout the process without the need for applying additional labels, meaning time and cost savings
  • our customers relationship with their client has been strengthened; securing the business for the future.
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