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Offering a vast number of combinations of backing materials, print processes, adhesives, cutting & finishing techniques, and presentation options, we are confident we can produce the perfect label or tag for the job.

Our experienced team thrive on a challenge and love to use their know-how to come up with the best solution, be it a tiny tweak that can save time and money, or a major innovation to solve the trickiest labelling problem.

If you have a conundrum that you would like Piroto to crack for you, do not hesitate to contact me."
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In 2002 Piroto adopted the philosophy of Continuous Improvement, the objective being to promote a Continuous Improvement culture, driven from the ‘bottom up’, for the benefit of our customers. The elements that make up our culture are:

Our Mission

Simply: "We make labels and tags to make your lives easier"

Our Team

Team Piroto consists of over 35 staff, bringing skills and experience from many relevant industries, including adhesive tape manufacturing, wall paper printing, carton manufacturing, food retailing, distribution, computer hardware manufacturing, label applicator manufacturing and engineering.

We constantly strive to each fulfil our part in delivering the best possible service, ensuring great customer communication as well as consultative solution development.


All of our products and solutions have started as a customer need or idea and developed from there! We welcome the opportunity to work with you to resolve your issues.


Working closely with our customers, we develop a Business Improvement Plan to help them review label and tagging processes, with the aim of providing the most cost effective "applied cost solution" for their needs.

What our customers say

"We have dealt with Piroto for many years. They are a professional labelling company that have helped us on numerous occasions to solve difficult and complicated labelling applications where others have failed or given up. They are always willing and helpful in conducting trials and demos and we have found they have always managed to go the extra mile when we have needed them to. We would not hesitate in recommending their services to anyone."
Total Solutions Provider

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